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Celebrating the Good Work of Our Grant Recipients

The Rotary Club of Dunedin ended the year with a visit from our fall grant recipients.

Terri Davis-Scully explained to the Club that a grant was given to Rotary's CART fund to help support Alzheimer's research.

Heath Watson accepted a grant on behalf of Dunedin Cares to help fund meals for children during the first half of 2023.

Debra Tully, Compassion Kind, received a grant to help with animals displaced after Hurricane Ian.

Dr. Judith Deeley, Dunedin High School, provided an overview of the STEM programs she has helped develop and oversees. Dr. Deeley and the leadership at DHS have created many unique opportunities for students to explore math and science, robotics, drones, programming, and much more! The DHS Navy JROTC also received a grant to help fund a drone program.

The Dunedin History Museum received a grant to help cover the costs of the Polar Express, a partnership between the Jolley Trolley and the History Museum to give families a unique holiday experience.

Jodie Cannon, First Presbyterian Church, accepted a grant to help support the Pack-a-Sack program that gives food insecure children weekend snacks.

Terri Rejko shared her gratitude for the grant award made to Rotary Inner Wheel Foundation to help pay for Myoelectric limbs for children.

Kimberly Cass was on hand to share the good work of Random Acts of Flowers, a non-profit organization that provides flowers to those in need using flowers and supplies donated by florists and other sources. The grant received this year was used to expand holiday flower giving.

Claudia Nable, Sailability, expressed appreciation for a grant to help with boat maintenance. Sailability provides a sailing experience for adults and children of all abilities.

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