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2024-25 - Rotary Club of Dunedin Scholarship Program: $18,300

2022-23 - Rotary Club of Dunedin Scholarship Program: $15,900

2021-22 - Rotary Club of Dunedin Scholarship Program: $15,650

2020-21 - Rotary Club of Dunedin Scholarship Program: $15,900

2019-20 - Rotary Club of Dunedin Scholarship Program: $15,900

2018-19 - Rotary Club of Dunedin Scholarship Program: $15,950

2017-18 – Rotary Club of Dunedin Scholarship Program: $13,900



Scholarship Committee History


  • The Committee was created in 1987.

  • The following is based on the past fifteen years.

  • Number of students that have received the Dunedin Scholarship: 53

  • The number of students currently in the pipeline: 12 

  • The annual amount of monies available depending on fundraising and Dunedin Rotary Foundation: $15,000 to $21,000

  • Total amount of monies distributed since 2004: $273,842.

Scholarship Committee Student Qualification Criteria

  • Graduating seniors must reside in Dunedin.

  • School Choice includes schools within Pinellas County, such as Dunedin, Palm Harbor University, Clearwater, and Eastlake High Schools.

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0

  • Demonstrated school and community services by volunteering for 100 hours or more.

  • Active participation with the Interact Club (Optional but preferred).

  • The number and amount of awards may vary depending on fundraising and foundation contributions.

  • Renewable for four years

  • 2-4-year college/university or vocational program.

  • Request, on average, 40 applications by email from PEF.

  • This number can vary due to the number of applications and qualifying criteria  (PEF impact – expanded shortly)

  • Attends award ceremony but can notify students early

Scholarship Committee Student Qualification Criteria Scorecard

  • We can now create a personalized scorecard per student

  • We assign the point value per the criteria

  • This scorecard can assist with the equation of each student

The Rotary Club of Dunedin and Pinellas Education Foundation Relationship

  • The Rotary Club of Dunedin decided to work with the Pinellas Education Foundation (PEF).

  • PEF oversees the questionnaire and essay the student will complete and will administer the student’s financial account between the Rotary Club and the student’s college or university.    


Pinellas Education Foundation Executive Overview


  • The Pinellas Education Foundation is a coalition of business and community leaders who collaborate to improve the quality of public education.

  • Together, we advocate for public education achievement, create programs to improve student and teacher performance, and raise funds for scholarships, grants, and teacher recognition.

  • Our Vision is that every student will be prepared for life after high school, whether they choose to attend college, enter the workforce, or obtain technical training.

  • Our Mission is to accelerate education achievement for ALL students by effectively mobilizing innovation, relationships, and resources.

  • In 1986, our Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Dr. Gus A. Stavros, started a local economic education impact program for Pinellas County Schools called Enterprise Village.

  • In the years since, the Pinellas Education Foundation has grown and championed many innovative programs in support of this initiative, including:

    • Youth Connect

    • Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program

    • Future Plans

    • Enterprise Village

    • Finance Park

  • Our efforts have raised over $140 million to support the students and teachers at Pinellas County Schools.

  • The Foundation is consistently ranked among some of the top public school education foundations in the United States.

Scholarship Committee Pinellas Education Foundation Guidelines for Students

  • Applicants must only be enrolled in Pinellas County Public Schools.

  • Applicants must be seniors.

  • The deadline for students to complete the main application online is January 31.

  • There are no exceptions to this deadline.

  • Students must use the funds in the First Session beginning in the fall semester.

  • Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, books, room and board, or anything billable through the student’s school account.

  • Funds are sent directly to the colleges/universities the first week of August.

Scholarship Committee Selection Process For Qualified Students   

  • Once the Pinellas Education Foundation (PEF) has supplied the qualified students:

  • The Committee will

  • Review each applicant’s application

  • Each Committee Member receives all  the applications

  • Determine which applicants to interview

  • Committee Members select the top 10 students

  • Committee members will narrow the top ten to the top five

  • We interview all five applicants

  • The interview is coordinated through the high school counselors

  • The interview can involve students from different schools

  • The Committee selects the top three

  • Once the top three have been selected

    • Provide a list to PEF

    • Submit money to PEF to cover scholarships for new students and the current yearly amount for students in the pipeline. I will expand shortly.

  • PEF will notify students

  •  The club president (typically) will award the scholarships during the awards ceremony at the students’ high schools

  • If the club president is not available, the committee chair will present

  • Pinellas Education Foundation oversees the program administration

  • Yearly, the monies are distributed by the PEF directly to the financial aid departments of the schools and only if academic and administration requirements are met 

  • Each student must send a written thank you letter to our club each year

  • Rilott Scholarship: One student over four years

  • The monies are awarded as follows: a total of $10,000 over four years

  • Year 1: $1,700

  • Year 2: $2,000

  • Year 3: $2,500

  • Year 4: $3,750                  

  • Other Scholarship: Depends on the number of students in the pipeline

  • The monies are awarded as follows, a total of $5000 over four years:

  • Year 1: $800

  • Year 2: $1,100

  • Year 3: $1,400

  • Year 4: $1,700


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