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September is Basic Education and Literacy Month for Rotary

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

September is Basic Education and Literacy Month for Rotary. This is one of Rotary’s six areas of focus. We all know how critical reading and writing are for success in life – for gaining information, communicating, making agreements, etc.

Pat Bauer reviewed with us what Rotary and our club's Literacy Committee have been doing for our Community and internationally.

LCUP Transitions to Online Learning

  • The Literacy Council of Upper Pinellas was made stronger and more resilient through organizational changes necessary by the COVID-19 shutdown.

  • Casting a Wider Net Catches MoreTutors

  • Accurate Contact Information Built an Online Learning Community

  • Closer Communication with Literacy Partners Strengthened Ties

  • Surveying Computer Skills and Internet Accessibility Essential to Transition

  • LCUP’s Budget Responded Well to Change

  • Tutor Training Program Was Made Stronger

  • Positive Aspects of Virtual Learning

    • No need to wear masks, social distancing, or disinfect surfaces.

    • No need to travel to class.

    • No printing and collating of learning materials.

    • There is no need to provide snacks and babysitters for the kids.

    • Teaching and learning can take place anywhere there is phone or internet access.

    • There are more choices for students and teachers since online learning is not site-based.

  • Returning to “Normal”

    • IN SOME LOCATIONS, lifted COVID restrictions created opportunities to return to the “old normal” (meaning in-person classes).

    • Some students and teachers are happy with the “new normal.”

    • Hybrid classes have begun in some locations with great technology and staff support.

    • Keeping the class schedule and website current is more important than ever.

What is the mission of LCUP?

The Literacy Council of Upper Pinellas, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to teaching adults (age 16 and older) literacy skills using individualized curricula to enhance their self-esteem, increase occupational and social opportunities, and enrich lifestyles.

With what organizations are LCUP affiliated?


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