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Bev Fisher Visited Puebla, Mexico To Show Club Support for Pediatric Burn Unit

Bev Fisher, our International Committee Chair, travels to Puebla, Mexico, to show support for the local hospital pediatric burn unit.

Bev was honored to meet at the Rotary Club in Puebla and exchanged banners between the two clubs. A very impressive side note: the Rotary Club is all women. The Club made Bev feel at home. Bev spoke with the club members through a translator and said that our Club wants to continue supporting this burn unit between our two clubs.  

Bev mentioned that she was surprised by the number of club members who went with her to the hospital, and the hospital was waiting for her to arrive. Bev met with one of the doctors and the staff members who worked in the burn unit. The staff presented a presentation about the burn unit and their work to help save the children admitted to this unit.  

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