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Community Drug Training Program - Fentanyl

Fortunately, we had a speaker, retired Pinellas County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Division Deputy Lt Dan Zsido.

Dan's experience:

  • 40 years of law enforcement experience

  • 18 years of narcotics Investigations

  • 15 years of pharmaceutical investigations

  • 18 years NADDI membership

  • Proactive in Anti-Drug Abus Coalitions

  • Naloxone educator and trainer

Dan reviewed with our organization the impact of fentanyl on our community. He discussed the pharmaceutical and the illegal versions of fentanyl. The illegal version has gone through ten different iterations.

He reviewed the modifications from an injector in years past to today's use of a nasal spray to treat an overdosed victim. He presented Naloxone Narcan nasal spray and how it is used to revive an individual who has overdosed.


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