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What does Rotary do?

Here's one example of the lives we touched with a Mexico Water Filter Project.

In a rural area of Mexico there lived several mothers who saw their children get sick time and time again because of the dirty water they were drinking. They realized their entire community of 4,000 was in jeopardy and accessing clean water was the only answer. But how? Determined to make a difference these moms reached out to the closest Rotary Club for help. It wasn’t long before a Global Grant through The Rotary Foundation was submitted. Along with other Rotary Clubs for Mexico, USA and Canada our Dunedin Rotary Club contributed $500. Because of the combined efforts and contributions of over 100 clubs, Rotarians and villagers alike we were about to ensure, hygiene education, clean water and sanitation for everyone in the village. As clean water flowed from the filters, smiles spread across the faces and a newfound sense of unity and hope filled the air. The Villagers not only gained access to clean water to reduce disease but in doing so formed a bond that transcended the boundaries of their community. They found health, happiness and hope for the future.

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