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Rotary Club of Dunedin - Grants Monies At Work!

To update you, Dunedin Cares Food Pantry is utilizing the $2,000 grant provided by the Rotary Club of Dunedin in the following manner:

1. We created healthy bags for distribution to minor children during our in-pantry shopping days. Minor children are defined as 0-18 years of age.

2. Distribution of these bags started in mid-February 2023—see photos.

2. Each bag contains approximately 2 pounds of healthy food and snack items.

3. Each bag is valued at approximately $3.58/each (IRS per pound food value $1.79x2=$3.58).

4. Based on your $2,000 grant, we can provide 560 bags to our guests’ minor children ($2,000/$3.58=560 bags).

5.. On average, we serve over 800 minor children each quarter.

6. To date, we distributed 260 bags. We will continue to distribute these bags until we reach the 560 targets.

7. Please note that not every guest takes these bags. We offer the bags for each guest’s minor children; usually, only those with younger children take the bags.

This has been a very welcome addition to our food offering on in-pantry shopping days. We greatly appreciate this grant and are putting these funds to work for those children in need. Thank you so very much.

JoAnne Fell

Executive Director

Dunedin Cares, Inc

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