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Growing Care Capacity

The Rotary Club of Dunedin's very own Kent McRae, President and CEO of Mease Life, provided an update on the growth of Mease Life. The simple story is that Mease Life is in a due diligence phase with Acts Life Communities to explore a partnership that will be of mutual benefit. Acts began in a single church with a pastor who, wanting to care for seniors, led an effort to build a senior facility on church land. This facility was guided by values of loving-kindness and respect, an application of Christian teachings. In its 50-year history, Acts has spread across the United States but has maintained the core values upon which it was founded. In selecting Acts as a potential partner, these values were a major component of the decision of Mease Life leadership.

This partnership will bring to Mease Life corporate buying power, staffing resources, and in-house support. In the face of ever increasing costs, not just of healthcare but also of operations, being a stand-alone facility presents more and more challenges. By partnering with other care organizations, Mease Life will gain strength in numbers.

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