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Commissioner Rob Walker and City News!

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Commissioner Rob Walker, current Treasurer of Dunedin Rotary North, spoke to us about major City accomplishments in addition to his public service duties. He opened with a reminder that the City now owns the Gladys Douglas Preserve, an area that will remain open forever.

The recent completion of the new City Hall and moving staff into the building was a project many years in the making. Commissioner Walker spoke favorably of the financing deal that made the new City Hall possible and excitedly pointed out that the loan for this building will be paid off in 2029.

On August 17, a ceremony will be decommissioning the old city hall. That building will be removed in September, and green space will be available.

The City's budget process is underway, and the focus is on four major capital projects: restoring the Dunedin Golf Course to Donald Ross status and renovating the Golf Club, and the swimming pool upgrades at Highlander Park, Skinner Blvd. Complete Streets and new downtown parking at Douglas Ave. and Scotland St. Funding for these projects will come mainly from ARPA and CRA funds and a $1 million donation toward a therapy pool at Highlander Park.

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