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Club Scholarship Grant At Work - Susan Lindeman - USF Music Major!

Pictured is Susan Lindeman, a 2022 Rortay Club of Dunedin scholarship recipient.

I crossed paths with Susan right when spring break started. Susan is immensely enjoying her time at USF and is a music major.

Below is a message from Susan she wanted to share with the club. Please note that there is a delay before the music starts in the dance concert video.

Here is a video of my collaboration with a dance major! Her name is Madeline Wilcox, and I contacted her in October to see if she wanted to work on a project. I recorded the music played in the video (Minuet ii from Bach Suite 1 for solo cello) and also wrote my harmonies to record. We did this performance at the USF Student Dance Concert a bit over a month ago!

Here is a link to my performances in the USF Cello Studio Recitals! I played a few dance movements from the 3rd Bach Cello Suite for the November recital. In the December recital, I played the first two movements of Elgar's cello concerto in E minor.

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