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Clean Water Is the Foundation

If you haven't heard of Sawyer water filtration, you are missing out on a local gem of company. Based in Safety Harbor, Sawyer has developed unique and highly functional water filters that have been used in very high demand areas. Sawyer has assisted with projects in Fiji, Haiti, Kenya, Honduras and Mexico, providing reusable filters to families and villages resulting in hundreds of thousands of people gaining access to clean water. Clean water has meant a reduction in waterborne diseases, from simple ailments such as throat irritation and coughing to dysentery to cholera.

Rotary International has partnered with Sawyer on global water projects, and in this work it is clear how Sawyer's business model aligns with the mission of Rotary and other charitable organizations. Sawyer is an outdoor company known also for it's sunscreen and mosquito repellent. Money made from the sale of these products helps fund the development, manufacturing and distribution of the water filters. Sawyer's purpose is to bring as clean water to every person in the world.

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