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Rotary Club of Dunedin – International Committee

The Rotary Club of Dunedin’s International Committee met on March 9, 2022. Members in attendance were Bev Fisher, Chairman, Pat Bauer, Larry Franklin, Martha Lenderman, Donna Lewallen, Sallie Parks, Ken Rejko, Mary Griffith, and Dick Wilson. We had a unique visitor Dr. Lisa Baker join us for this work session. Dr. Lisa Baker of the Straw to Bread organization is preparing for her next trip to Kenya, where she goes every year for the last two weeks of May. This year her journey is from May 16-29. Today was an update about Precious, the orphaned child whose parents died of AIDS and now lives with her grandmother.

Precious is currently in school. But, it costs $300 a year to attend school. This cost covers tuition and includes one meal a day. The school is Pre-K to 8th grade and is the only school in the area with a library. For two years they have had electricity to power computers. The Rotary Club of Dunedin donated $300 to cover the costs for Precious’s school. Our donation gives Precious a considerable advantage because she gets to attend school and has the opportunity to eat! Sometimes kids only eat if they go to school. As Lisa mentioned, we gave Precious a chance at LIFE! Children learn to grow food while at school, their only hope of long-term survival. They have started a community garden at the school, and the schoolyard is their happy place because of the meals they receive and the sense of community.

Lisa will be speaking to our club about her trip to Kenya in June. One of our club members, Rev. David Shelor, will join Lisa on her journey to Kenya. Bev Fisher, the chair of the International Committee, will be speaking to our club on May 31 to inform our members of several international projects, especially Straw2Bread. The committee has been very busy, pandemic or not, and met all of its goals for 2021-2022. Our Rotary Club and our Interact Club at Dunedin High School have been long-time supporters of the Straw to Bread organization.

Pictured: Donna Lewallen, Pat Bauer, Dr. Lisa Baker, committee chair Bev Fisher, and Martha Lenderman.

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