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Peace Pole Dedication

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

February 23rd at the Dunedin Community Center, The Rotary Club of Dunedin, Rotary Club of Dunedin North, Rotary Club of Dunedin Waterside, and the City of Dunedin dedicated a Peace Pole. Over 200 individuals showed up for the event. The group was comprised of our county commissioner, city commissioners, the Dunedin Rotary Clubs, Rotary District leadership, and members of our community. The city Parks Department could not have chosen a more perfect location for the peace pole between the north side of the community center and the lake with a water fountain.

The three Rotary Clubs of Dunedin already do great work separately within our community, but when we work together, wonderful things happen. Then we partnered with our city, and things only got better!

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