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Care and Remembrance

Piper Vanderlee, Director of Patient Experience, AccentCare Hospice & Palliative Care, shared moving ways to care for the dying, support their families, and create and share unique items of remembrance. Piper showed us the many ways that AccentCare Hospice helps families manage the dying process and supports them through the grieving process. Patients are encouraged to create the legacy they wish to leave by making gifts to share with their loved ones after they have passed. These gifts include original art, journals, letters, and keepsakes that express the connection the patient has with each loved one individually. She also demonstrated the importance of family and friends up to the end of the patient's life; a motto she works by is that no one dies alone. Company and comfort are paramount in hospice care.

As always, our weekly luncheon meetings are opportunities for club members to gather, talk, catch up, and connect.

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