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Train Your Brain

JoAnne Laflin joined us to share a method of brain entrainment using brain wave music. JoAnne is certified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Master Quantum Time Techniques™ Practitioner, LIFE Coach & CAREER Coach with Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute, ICF--the International Coaching Federation and IBNLP--the International Board of NLP. JoAnne has extensive experience in coaching individuals surviving trauma, abuse and chronic disease. She also has helped individual clients build their careers, improve communication, better manage their time and transform both their personal and professional relationships.

Our brains operate at different wave lengths, and in our hectic modern lives, often our brains function at active levels and have trouble switching to levels that are optimal for sleeping, healing, learning, and creating. Using binaural beats, we can use sounds of a desired wave length to sync our brains and put ourselves into the best state to work, sleep, engage with others, release our creativity, and accomplish what needs to get done.

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