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Dunedin Cares - Update

We were fortunate to have Joanne Fell, Executive Director of Dunedin Cares, provide our club with a status update. Dunedin Cares, our local food pantry, is one of our club’s primary grant recipients. Our club has issued $7,250 in grants this fiscal year to support this pantry.

Dunedin Cares provided 560 kids’ snack bags between February 6th and March 28th. During April, they distributed food to 780 families. Dunedin Cares now provides a healthy food option, and during April, they distributed 7,585 pounds of fresh produce. Dunedin Cares is not sitting still; they have introduced the Pop-Up Pantry. The additional food pantry is located within The Good Shepherd Thrift Store twice a month. We are very proud of Dunedin Cares and look forward to continuing our support. Pictured Joanne Fell, Executive Director of Dunedin Cares, and club president David Kelly.

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