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Cyber Security With Stephan Gonzales of Achieva Credit Union & Check Presentation for Birdwatching

Pam Pravetz introduced Stephan Gonzalez of Achieva Credit Union, who brought us a program on how to avoid scams. We must be aware of this global problem to protect our credit and many accounts. The overall objective of scammers is to target our emotions to get our personal information. The different scams include seasonal, romance, fraud alert, tech support, and employment. Stephan’s tips for avoiding scams:

  • Freeze your credit

  • Keep your computer up to date

  • Enable 2-factor authentication

  • Don’t trust caller ID

  • Never give out your password or security code

  • Don’t reuse passwords

  • Use a program to manage your passwords

Stephan also gave directions about what to do when you have been scammed.

  • File a police report

  • Contact the institution involved in the scam

  • File a complaint with the FBI, FTC, Dept. Consumer Protection

  • Monitor your credit report

  • Change any passwords that may have been compromised

Grants Committee Chair Rev. David Shelor presented a check for Birding Backpacks to Phyllis Gorshe. This grant-funded a Friends of the Dunedin Public Library project and the backpacks will be monogrammed with our Rotary logo. These backpacks contain binoculars for an adult and a child (along with bird identification books) and will be available for checkout soon. Pictured are Rev. David Shelor, left, Phyllis Gorshe, center, and Larry Franklin, Club President, right.

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